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Balance, Justice, Truth, Duty, Perfection

Lucky Gem: Diamond
Lucky Color: White
Lucky Number: 3
Ruling Planet: Venus

Eng(Transliterated)    हिन्दी में पढ़े

General Characteristics Libra

They are diplomatic, graceful, peaceful, idealistic, hospitable, gentle, compassionate, courteous and honest. Librans have a tendency to maintain balance in everything they undertake. They are affectionate and avoid getting into an argument. They are known for their beautiful smile, cheerful disposition and romantic temperament. They can be successful artists, business persons and politicians because of their balanced approach. Famous for judgement, weighs pros and cons thoroughly before coming to a conclusion. Covets the prosperity of others but never fails to help dependents. Upright and sympathetic but flexible and sensitive. Anger is soon pacified.

Thinks of others more than self and can argue with clarity and foresight. Always for justice, harmony, love and peace at any cost. Being an airy sign, they are ardent lovers of nature and its beauties. Changes abode to undertake frequent travels and loves high standard of living. Takes interest in their dress, furniture, conveyance, and other comforts. Have another name in the name of god / goddess. Expert traders,usually popular, makes a good business partner. Wins goodwill and popularity in public. Make good salesman, liaison officers, and receptionists. Lover of art and female society. Loved by fortunate females.

Liable to suffer from problems in kidneys, pain in spines and infectious diseases. Females may have problem in uterus.

Physical features Libra

Tall slender, well proportioned strong body, handsome appearance, fine skin, baldness in middle age, eyebrows add to the beauty, nose little bent like parrot, gap in teeth, raised forehead.

Auspicious years - 18 to 27 and 28 to 42

Inauspicious years - 8, 15, 62 and 64

Their lucky gem is Diamond.

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Suitable Profession Libra

Acting, Law, Singing, Photography, Fashion Design & Hotel Business, Furniture, Tailoring

Friendly Sign Libra

Gemini, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius

Element Libra


Related Chakra Libra

Heart Chakra (Anahata)

Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Prediction Libra

18-01-2017 Wednesday

Your expenditure will be more than your income. Control unnecessary expenditures otherwise you may be in financial crisis. Your younger brother/sister might try to harm you. Your relation with spouse may be bitter. So control yourself and avoid argument with spouse otherwise your domestic environment shall get affected. This is not a good day for investment and health.

Weekly Predictions (16/1/2017 To 22/1/2017)

The beginning of the week is giving strong indications of increase in income, fulfillment of desires, co-operations of siblings and happiness from children. During these days there are strong probabilities of getting opportunities for the creation of a strong source of income. The mid of the week indicates down fall in health, happiness, state of mind and finance because of failure in accomplishing important tasks along with sudden stress and increase in expenses. The concluding part of the week indicates extra pressure and stress on mind, domestic happiness would get affected and there would be lack of harmony among family members however your confidence and working efficiency shall remain intact. Relations with mother and spouse would be excellent.



This month shall be generally positive for you progress and happiness. Be extra cautious regarding your activities related to important work especially in decision making. Do not change your decisions with the influence of others. The latter half of the month shall be favorable for you. You might not take much interest in social activities.


Be cautious about health troubles related to stomach, throat, nose. Be cautious while going on journey. Abstain from negative thinking and keep your self occupied in one or the other activity.

Wealth and Property

There shall arise situations of ups and downs in financial matters. Income and expenses shall increase proportionately. You shall buy new property. Take your decision in this connection patiently otherwise you might get into losses.

Work and Profession

There shall be probability of getting into unexpected troubles in this month. Try to maintain harmony with your seniors and abstain from unnecessary arguments. Be cautious in matters related to purchase of property. Do not reveal your weak points in front of your enemies.

Love and Relations

There shall be mutual harmony in love relationship. Be balanced in your speech.

Matrimonial Relations

Do not overlook personnel problems. Some auspicious ceremony shall be performed at your home. You might go on a journey too.


Worship lord Vishnu on Wednesday.

Health Problems

1, 18, 19, 28



In this year Saturn shall enter into Sagittarius on 26th January. In the first half of the year Rahu shall remain in Leo and Jupiter in Virgo. On 9th September Rahu shall enter into Cancer whereas on 12th September Jupiter shall be entering into Libra. Venus shall remain combust from 21st March to 25th March.Venus would be combust again after 14th December.

For you Saturn shall enter into 3rd house on 26th January. In the first half of the year Rahu would be in 11th and Jupiter in 12th house. On 9th September Rahu would transit into 10th and on 12th September Jupiter would be entering into first house.


This year shall be average for your health and there might remain few trivial health troubles. You need to give proper attention to your diet. Unnecessary travelling and burden of work shall give you extra fatigue.

After 12th September definitely there would be improvement in your health and your working efficiency shall be increasing.

Wealth, Property

Financial condition would be good in this year but expenses might remain uncontrolled. If you shall be striving sincerely to put a check on unnecessary expenses then financial position shall get consolidated certainly. The inflow of money shall remain intact.

Money would get spent on travelling and on the celebration of some auspicious ceremony in family. In addition to that your some money shall go in curing the health troubles of family members.

Work, Profession

This year shall remain generally favorable for your professional life. New business opportunities or job change chances with financial gains in abundance are indicated. You are likely to get benefited from overseas connections. Your adversaries shall try to create obstacles and difficulties for you. Your enhanced confidence shall help you solve e problems created by them.

After 12th September the transit of Jupiter would be yielding highly auspicious results as a result of which you would be enjoying the cooperation and support of your seniors. The experienced people shall help you sharpen your working efficiency. If you are in partnership business you can expect more gains. There are probabilities of sudden rise in your job/business etc.

House, Family & Society

This year shall be average for your family life. There might remain mental tensions because of domestic issues. Burden of responsibilities of family shall be increasing and you might remain worried because of lack of cooperation of family members. Be patient, speak sensibly and look after your mother. Your tolerance and patience shall solve everything.

After 12th September with the favorable transit there shall be gradual improvement in family atmosphere.


The first half of the year is not very auspicious for your children. There is probability of difference of opinion with children in the first half of the year. In the field of education children have to face trivial difficulties in the first half. You are advised to look after their health.

Those who do not have children can expect child birth in their family in the latter half of the year i.e. after 12th September. Your bonding with your children shall grow better and the time period is more auspicious for the progress of your children.

Career and Competition

From career point of view this year would be average. Students are advised to be alert in terms of preparations for future competitive examinations. The hard work done during this time shall help them get better results in future.

After the September 2017 there are chances of getting admission in a reputed educational institute.

Travel & Transfer

You might go on foreign journeys for the expansion of your work/business or up gradation of education or might get transferred to a place of choice.

The time period in this year is auspicious for going on religious journeys especially after 12th September. The time period is favorable for upgrading education by going abroad.

Religious Deeds & Propitiation of Planets

In the first half of the year you shall be engaging yourself in religious activities like charity and going on pilgrimage. After 12th September the combined influence of aspect of Saturn and Jupiter on 9th house shall incline you towards Puja, Yagya and meditation etc.

Offer sweets to small girls on Friday.

Serve your elders, parents, saints and Gurus and get their blessings.

* These characteristics of Zodiac signs are general and should not be accepted literally because for complete analysis of the personality and nature of a person the Moon sign, ascendant sign and ascendant lord should also be analysed for which horoscope reading is inevitably essential.To get your free personalized horoscope click here

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