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Annual Report

Pages : 32
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This is around 32 page report including Birth details, Panchang, natal and progressed Nakshatra, Pada, Degree of sign and planet, Lahiri, Ayanamsa (Lagna chalit, Varsha Lagna chart, Moon Chart, Varsh Moon Chart), Navamsa Chart, Varsh Navamsa Chart, Friendship table, Dwadas Varga Table, Dwadas Varga Bala, Harsha Bala, Panchavargeeya Bala, Varsheshwar determination, Saham calculations, Patyamsa Dasa, mudda dasa, Vimshottari Dasas with sub-sub-sub periods, Varsh yogas, year lord prediction, Muntha Prediction, Muntha lord Prediction and Ascendant lord prediction.

After analysing all these mentioned dasas and charts it gives month wise detailed prediction report for 12 months including almost all the factors like health, finance, business, family, relationships, society and status, theft, children etc.

In annual report you shall get annual horoscope with monthwise predictions.


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