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Second Edition of E-Journal

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Make yourself fortunate
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Gems and their
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Fortunate in the year 2009

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Dear Member

You are welcome to the second edition of E Journal of our most popular website. I thank you all for your overwhelming response and joining the membership. Your association with us will positively act as a stimulus to make continuous desired changes in our website. Your valuable suggestions are welcome. You can either email to me or send your feedback by clicking on the feedback form.

So many times people ask these questions that how astrology helps us in our daily, life, why should one consult any astrologer or does it really help us or what is the effectiveness of remedial measures. Regarding all these questions I would like to say that astrology which is a science of planets does help us in many ways. It guides us to plan according to the movement of planets and impact of that movement on our life. It’s up to us how far we accept that or modify our plans. But if we can read the impact of the planets correctly, definitely we can resist ourselves to make big investments or doing business which may not prove benefic for us. Again at time of distress, when we are going through great metal imbalance or financial crisis, it’s a great tool to give comfort in a way that this is not the end of life, bad phase will be over within a time span but good time will knock your door soon and here at this point of time remedies play a great role. These remedies are like comforting pills. . When you are asked to recite some mantras or doing some Yagya these mantras are really helpful in reducing the miseries and provide a peaceful atmosphere. Recitation of mantra makes us more pure and closer to God. Same way worship of Yantra helps us in concentration and meditation and helps us to attain union with God.

In a way we are inviting our God to be present by our side and help us in the time of need.

These Yantras representing Gods are based on specific geometrical designs and mathematical equation. Different Yantras are for different Gods. Therefore by trusting yourself in a specific Yantra you shall be tapping a specific creative energy center or God in universe.

Yantras have been used since the Vedic age to remove the malefic effects of certain evil forces and to strengthen the positive powers.

By having a Yantra, worshipping it every day one can fulfill one’s aspirations and attain desired goals. Keep it in a sacred place in your house and worship it regularly. Here you have to be most sincere towards this. Don’t skip your schedule, try to follow the routine daily and in case when you are too busy then recite mantra in your mind when you are driving, when you are walking or even when you are cooking. By following this slowly and slowly you shall become more progressive in your efforts of realization of God in your life.

Generally it is said that no one can change destiny but destiny can be changed by the writer of destiny i.e. God if we are close to him through our worship or mediation.

With best wishes and good luck in your endeavours

Abha Bansal

Make Yourself Fortunate in the year 2009

Aries- The year 2009 shall commence with a new ray of hope in your professional life. There is probability of expansion and you might get benefited from overseas connections. You can expect more inflow of money and there is probability of an increase in your saved wealth. In the month of May, June and July there shall be an increase in your income; however you might not get complete favor of destiny. You shall be able to win over your enemies and get satisfactory victory in legal matters too after September.

Remedies- Observe fast on Thursday and worship Guru to get the favor of destiny.

Taurus- Till September 2009 the malefic influence of Saturn’s dhaiya can create some tensions for you and you might face difficulties in making development in matters related to property. You shall develop an inclination towards spirituality. The year 2009 won’t be auspicious for your mental peace. You might face problems and complications in your professional life too.Remedies- Observe fast on Saturday and visit the temple of Shani Bhagwan on Saturday.

Gemini- The year 2009 is slightly inauspicious for your health, wealth, children and reputation. However you shall be able to balance your life by becoming more sincere and effortful. You shall be able to win over your enemies. You are advised to remain very careful towards all aspects of your life after September 2009 as dhaiya of Saturn shall also start for you and Jupiter is already in a negative house.

Remedies- You are advised to keep parad shivling and mahamrityunjay yantra at your place of worship and recite mahamrityunjay mantra daily.

Cancer- The year 2009 is indicating probability of marriage. Although favor of spouse shall be there however there might develop some tension also in your relationship with your spouse so you are advised not to argue with him and it shall be inauspicious to enter into partnership business. You are advised not to take risk in terms of making investments. You shall get rid of Sadesati after September 2009 and life shall become easier after that.

Remedies- Observe fast on Thursday and worship Guru to get the favour of destiny. Visit the temple of Shani Bhagwan on Saturday.

Leo- The year 2009 is not auspicious for your happiness, health, wealth, children and reputation. There shall be good news regarding your work but you might not get benefited from any opportunity substantially however there is strong probability that your credibility shall increase on professional front. You shall be able to win over your enemies.

Remedy- Recite mahamriyunjay mantra daily.

Virgo- There is probability of an increase in your expenses. You are advised not to make investment in this year in those ventures where risk is involved otherwise you shall get into losses. You are advised not to plan child birth as there is probability of miscarriage and abortion. You might have some problems in your relationship with other people in the family.

Remedy- Observe fast on Saturday and visit the temple of Shani Bhagwan on Saturday. Donate mustard oil and black articles of use and worship peepal tree on this day.

Libra- The year 2009 shall be auspicious for inflow of money and stability in income but it can prove inauspicious for children and happiness. There is probability of sudden gain in professional life but on account of that you might get relocated as change of place is indicated strongly.

Remedy- Worship Guruyantra daily.

Scorpio- The year 2009 shall be full of good news and victory for you. You shall be inclined towards spirituality and plan thoughtfully for the making of your career. Your pending tasks shall get accomplished. Your personal, social and political influence might increase.

Remedy- Worship Sriyantra daily to consolidate your financial position.

Sagittarius- The year 2009 shall be a year of uncertainty for your financial position and family life. For your destiny and health it shall be an average year.

Remedy- Worship Sriyantra daily to consolidate your financial position. Offer after to Sun daily.

Capricorn- Some obstacles and frustration can intervene in the year 2009. You are advised to work carefully as you might get into losses. You are advised to be very careful about your health and happiness in the year 2009 and don’t trust anybody blindly. Remedy- Visit the temple of goddess Kali on every Saturday.

Aquarius- You are likely to get into financial losses. Your expenses might go uncontrolled. Be cautious about your children. You might travel extensively. The probability of overseas journey is also there. You are advised to be cautious about your food while going on journeys. After September the dhaiya of Saturn shall start which shall create difficulties, obstacles and sadness.

Remedy- Worship Sriyantra daily and visit the temple of Shani on Saturday.

Pisces- The good news shall pour in from every direction. You shall win over your enemies. Legal matters shall go in your favour. There shall be an increase in your income. You would enjoy the favour of destiny.

Remedies- To make yourself more fortunate worship Sriyantra daily

Remedies for Students

In the modern world of today there is cut throat competition on all fronts and things change very rapidly so it is inevitably essential to have good intellect and education. Everybody needs to enhance his knowledge through various ways like academic pursuits, private study of religious/ spiritual treatises etc.

Our Rishis have mentioned numerous methods for enhancing intellect and educational success. According to ancient Rishis one should look at his/ her palm early in the morning after leaving the bed. This enhances confidence and intellect. While looking at palm one should recite following mantra:

“Karagre vaste Lakshamih karmadhye Saraswati karmoole sthito bramha prabhate kardarshanam ”

It is advisable that students should avoid junk food, oily, spicy and non vegetarian food to enhance concentration and remove irritation.

The best remedy is to worship goddess Saraswati who is known to be as the goddess of intelligence, music, speech, knowledge and learning. From vedic times, goddess Saraswati is regarded as the giver of wisdom. She is also referred as Vak Devi (Goddess of Speech) and sakala kaladhishtatri. One can attain all these things by worshipping her.

For propitiating this goddess Saraswati Yantra should be used. By constant worship of Devi Saraswati one becomes famous, learned and is praised by all. By worshipping Saraswati Yantra students will perform well in the examinations. Concentration and memory power shall increase. Only good thoughts shall spring up from their minds. For aquiring spiritual wisdom, the grace of goddess Saraswati is very essential. Following mantra should be recited one lakh times to enhance intelligence, creativity, intuition and knowledge. Observe

Bramhcharyavrata while doing mantra sadhna. By reciting this mantra one attains glory by acquiring lot of knowledge.


“Om aing hreeng shreeng vagdevyai saraswatyai namah”

Saraswati mantra should be recited in front of this yantra and students can wear Saraswati locket in their neck.

Neeltara yantra, Gayatri yantra, Sriyantra, Sampuran Vidyadayak yantra and Guru yantras are equally powerful and effective for sharpening intellect and enhancing knowledge.

Yellow sapphire can be worn for developing inclination towards education. It also brings spiritual enrichment. It is the favorite stone of educationists, lawyers, directors, statesmen, politicians and students. In addition to that Emerald is considered very effective gem for sharpening intellect. The gem of 5th house lord in one’s horoscope can also bring similar results. The best rusrakshas for education, concentration and creativity are 4 faced and five faced rudrakshas. The rudraksha of 5th house lord in one’s horoscope can also bring the similar results.

Vidya Pradayak Rudraksha Kavach

This rudraksha kavach blesses the wearer with good education and learning power. It is prepared with the combination of 4 faced, 6 faced and 10 faced rudrakshas. The four faced rudrakshas signify 4 vedas which were created from the faces of Lord Brahma. Six faced rudraksha symbolizes Shadanan and removes all hurdles that come in the path of learning. The ten faced rudraksha stands for lord Vishnu and blesses the wearer with profound knowledge.

Wisdom Pendant

This Rudraksha Kavach is known as wisdom pendant. It is made with the combined use of four faced rudraksha and emerald. Emerald is the gem of planet Mercury which represents intelligence. Mercury is also the ruling planet of four faced rudraksha. The presiding deity of four faced rudraksha is Bramha (God of Creation) and Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of intelligence, knowledge, speech and creation).Therefore the combined use of these two makes this a very powerful wisdom enhancing pendant. It helps to increase mental power, intelligence, knowledge, concentration and communication skills. It cures mental diseases.

Education Tower

This tower consists of nine levels of a pagoda. The levels of the pagoda are able to catch good energy which is very good for human mind. This is useful for making people intelligent, creative and smart. Particularly it is beneficial for students. Place it on the study desk or working desk.

Opinion of Vastu Experts

According to Vastu experts for getting better results the ideal directions of the study room are North, North- East and East. While studying the face of students should be towards these directions only. The color of the room should be white, blue, or green. Try to keep the walls of study room neat and clean and do not hang pictures on these walls, if necessary in that case there should be the photographs of great people, saints and educationists only. The study room should be absolutely neat and clean so that they get maximum positive energies. Those who are involved in research work can have their room towards a direction which falls in between west and southwest on Dawarik and Sugreev padas. If the room is not on these padas in that case this direction shouldn’t be used for constructing study room for research work. Students should not sleep in study room. Idols or yantras of goddess Saraswati and Lord Ganesha can be kept in their room along with fylfot (Swastik).

Arun Bansal

Gems and their utility in our life

Gems have wonderful power to mitigate the evil effects of planet and to cure various diseases. A Gem is nothing but a medicine in disguise. Human body is led with cosmic radiation. When this radiation becomes unbalanced in the body, get upset and our health suffers. In order to bring a balance in cosmic radiation, gems are used because they harness the invisible emittance of the rays from planets and the cosmos. The entire process may be termed as the effect of the cosmic radiation depicted by the planetary position. The position of a planet in the horoscope indicates the strength and weakness of the planet, its efficiency, as also reflected as potency or the deficiency in an individual.

We select stones / gems to increase efficiency, or for removal of deficiency. But here the most important point to be stressed is that when a planet functions as a malefic in the horoscope, it’s stone should not be worn because it will further strengthen the planet and will add more power to do more evils/will affect the native in a negative way.

The Main Gems of nine planets are given below: -



Sun Ruby
Moon Pearl
Mars Coral
Mercury Emerald
Jupiter Yellow Sapphire
Venus Diamond
Saturn Blue Sapphire
Rahu Gomed
Ketu Cat's Eye

Gem of Sun


Ruby is generally used to overcome the evil impact of the bad placement of planet Sun in your horoscope. For getting the auspicious favour of Sun this stone is worn. Sun is the soul of ‘Kalpurusha’ (human form given to time), and natural significator of success, recognition, position in government, status, glory and health etc. Therefore beneficial results can be acquired in above mentioned areas by taming the power of Sun by wearing Ruby when Sun enters into Aries in transit. It can be used for the development of self confidence and good health. It cures peptic ulcer, fever, rheumatism etc. It’s continuous use should be avoided as it may cause temper problem, boils, itch and sleeplessness. It is a precious stone. Rubies are of two types - Burmese Ruby and Indian Ruby. In Hindi we call it MANIKYA OR MANIK. Ruby is very auspicious for winning government favour. The weight should be 5 to 8 carats.

Gem of Moon


This stone is used to get auspicious favour of the planet Moon. Moon is the mind of KALPURUSHA (Kalpurusha is bodily form given to time force). It is used to remove evil effects of Moon. It strengthens the mental force and induces good sleep. In Hindi we call it MOTI. It is generally very auspicious for those who suffer from the problems of mood swings but it should be worn under expert astrological guidance. It gives good memory, cures disorder, heart trouble and eye diseases, TB, constipation and hysteria etc. Pearl is good for ladies, as it increases their beauty and facial luster. It increases sexual strength and makes conjugal life happy.

Its weight can be 3-9 carats.

Gem of Mars


Coral is used to overcome evil impacts of the planet Mars. Mars is considered power of KALPURUSHA. So, by wearing Coral you shall be able to become a powerful, ambitious and influential person. It also brings physical stamina and energy. Helps you in controlling your temper, ensures material happiness and recovery from diseases caused by Mars like fever, cough, bilious complaints, smallpox, chickenpox, headache, loss of vitality, piles, boils and measles etc. In several cases astrologers recommend it for removing the problems of married life also. Coral shouldn’t be worn if it doesn’t suit you astrologically. Wrong use of coral can cause injuries, accidents and arguments etc. Therefore don’t wear it without the recommendation of your astrologer. Its weight should be 4 to 12 carats.Gem of Mercury


It is used to obtain the auspicious favour of Mercury. Mercury is considered the VAANI (speech) of KAALPURUSHA. By wearing Emerald the evil impacts of Mercury are removed, intellect and communication skills also improve, psychic and intuitive powers develop. Emerald removes and cures fickle mindedness, loss of memory, stammering, harsh speech, fear from spirits and ghosts but reduces passions and carnal desires. It should be worn in fourth finger. Its weight should be 3 to 7 carats

Gem of Jupiter


Yellow Sapphire is yellow in colour. It is worn to obtain the auspicious favour of most benefic planet Jupiter which is known as knowledge of KAALPURUSHA, therefore, by wearing it one's inclination towards education develops. It causes spiritual enrichment. It is the favourite stone of educationists, lawyers, directors, statesmen and politicians. It can be recommended to students. It promotes universal love and brotherhood. It is very helpful for pregnancy and child birth. It nullifies Kujadosha, promotes marriage and controls a malefic Mars in preventing Jaundice and other liver related troubles. It is excellent for business stability and financial matters and is one of most wonderful gifts of nature. It increases the power of penetrating vision. It also increases the wealth, prosperity, life security, protects from poverty and removes misfortunes. It cures diarrhea, gastric ulcer, jaundice, heart problems, impotency arthritis etc. It is harmless stone. It can be recommended to girls for early marriage, to get a suitable husband and for problem free married life. Its weight should be 4 to 8 carats.

Gem of Venus


This Gem is used to remove the negative impact of planet Venus and to gain the favour of it. Venus is the joy of Kaalpurusha therefore by wearing Diamond you shall enjoy, pleasure, happiness, beauty, love and conjugal bliss in your life. It is generally worn by people who are engaged in doing something creative. It promotes inclination towards music.

It is recommended to the people associated with film industry, tourism industry, hotel industry, IT industry, fashion industry, export import, media, advertising, anchoring, any entertainment channel, cosmetics, jewellery, club, bear bar, disco etc. It is good for beauticians, for people associated with creative or glamorous professions. But it should be worn under expert astrological guidance. It creates goodness for the native, removes evil and fearful thoughts, improve financial conditions and blesses the native with comforts and peace of mind. It cures diabetes, diseases of urine and genital organ. It is also recommended to the girls or boys who are not getting their suitable match for marriage. Weight can be 1/4th to 1/2 carats

Gem of Saturn


Blue sapphire is used to enhance destiny. It helps to remove the malefic influence of planet Saturn which is known as the sorrow of Kaalpurusha. Therefore if in some body’s horoscope Saturn is badly placed he would be continuously facing obstacles and misfortunes. It brings wealth, name and fame, good stamina, longevity and security in life, can improve fertility in barren women. Best suited for lovers for joy, love and happiness. Cures fainting fits, virility, mental disorder, deafness and baldness. If in one’s horoscope Saturn is 'Karaka' in that case wearing Blue sapphire can bring Rajyoga and good luck. Its weight should be 4 to 7 carats.

Gem of Rahu

GOMED (Hessonite)

It is worn for giving strength to Rahu. It cures diseases caused by Rahu and Saturn and increases appetite, vitality, confers good health, wealth, happiness and gives all round prosperity. It sometimes gives political success and opens opportunities in political arena. The weight should be 6 to 11 carats.

Gem of Ketu

CAT’S EYEIt is useful for eradicating evil influences of Ketu and diseases caused by Mars. It cures paralysis and prevents unexpected mishaps in life and attracts wealth by secret means, like horse racing, gambling, stock exchange market and speculation. Actually Cat’s Eye is one variety of Chrysoberyl stone. It protects wealth therefore it is kept in treasures with money. It not only prevents financial destruction but also restores the wealth lost earlier. It has the powers to make up for the losses.As this stone has the power to attract wealth therefore it is used as a TALISMAAN (rkcht) by gamblers. It protects mental health, increases the power of intuition and brings good luck when worm in silver. It is auspicious for speculation, cures eye diseases too. Weight should be 3 to 7 carats.

Gems should not be worn on the basis of zodiac sign. For getting auspicious results selection of gem should be done on the basis of Moon sign or ascendant. It is most appropriate to select gem for the native on the basis of ascendant sign which can be calculated with the help of date, time, month, year and place of birth of the native. After knowing the ascendant sign following chart can be used for the selection of gem.

Ascendant-wise selection of gems




Aries Effective Auspicious Life Stone
Taurus Neutral Inauspicious Inauspicious
Gemini Neutral Inauspicious Inauspicious
Cancer Neutral Life Stone Effective
Leo Life Stone Inauspicious Lucky Stone
Virgo Inauspicious Neutral Inauspicious
Libra Neutral Auspicious Inauspicious
Scorpio Auspicious Lucky Stone Life Stone
Sagittarius Lucky Stone Inauspicious Auspicious
Capricorn Inauspicious Inauspicious Neutral
Aquarius Inauspicious Inauspicious Neutral
Pisces Inauspicious Auspicious Lucky Stone

Ascendant-wise selection of gems


Yellow Sapp


Blue Sapp.

Aries Inauspicious Lucky Stone Inauspicious Neutral
Taurus Auspicious Inauspicious Life Stone Very Lucky
Gemini Life Stone Inauspicious Auspicious Lucky Stone
Cancer Inauspicious Lucky Stone Neutral Inauspicious
Leo Inauspicious Inauspicious xNeutral Inauspicious
Virgo Life Stone Inauspicious Lucky Stone Auspicious
Libra Lucky Stone Inauspicious Life Stone Effective
Scorpio Inauspicious Auspicious Inauspicious Neutral
Sagittarius Inauspicious Life Stone Inauspicious Inauspicious
Capricorn Lucky Stone Inauspicious Auspicious Life Stone
Aquarius Neutral Inauspicious Lucky Stone Life Stone
Pisces Inauspicious Life Stone Inauspicious Inauspicious

I  would like to point out towards few important points which are generally asked.

Should the gem touch your skin- Wearing of a gem in a ring is considered more beneficial than in a locket. In locket the weight of a gem should be double than that of it in a ring. It is believed that rings cause mystical impact on us because when the stone of ring touches the skin of our finger the positive energies emitted by it causes positive impact on brain because the nerves of our fingers have direct connection with our brain. Astrological rings used in accordance with your astrological signs or under expert astrological guidance yield beneficial results.

Gem should be worn till how much time- All the gems yield beneficial results only for three years. Therefore, it is essential to change it after three years or else remove it for some time and wear it again after few years or else donate it to somebody. If the desired result has been attained or dasha has changed in that situation also it should be removed. Diamond is an exception to it. Diamond is for ever therefore there is no need to change it.

Which gem should not be worn with which one- Ruby, Pearl, Coral and Yellow Sapphire should not be worn with Blue Sapphire and Hessonite. Diamond, Emerald and Cat's Eye can be worn with any stone. Although the impact should be judged initially if you plan to wear Ruby, Pearl or Yellow Sapphire with Diamond.

Gem omen- If a stone is lost, or stolen it indicates that malefic impact of the planet is destroyed. If a stone gets crack it indicates that your planet is very powerful so it shall be essential to propitiate the planet by various remedies. If the colour of a stone fades away that indicates that planet got appeased.





in carats







5 to 8




Om Hraang Hreeng Hraung 
Sah Suryaye Namah



3 to 9




Om Shraang Shreeng Shraung 
Sah Chandramase Namah



4 to 12



Silver, Gold

Om Kraang Kreeng Kraung
Sah Bhoumaye Namah



3 to 7




Om Braang Breeng Braung
Sah Buddhaye Namah



4 to 8




Om Graang Greeng Graung
Sah Guruvey Namah



1/4 to1¼

or Ring


White Gold

Om Draang Dreeng Draung
Sah Shukraay Namah



4 to 7



5 Metals

Om Praang, Preeng, Praung
Sah Shaneshcharaay Namah

Cat’s eye


3 to 7

or Ring


Gold or Silver

Om Sraang Sreeng Sraung
Sah Ketue Namah



6 to 13



8 Metals

Om Bhraang Bhreeng, 
Bhraung Sah Rahve Namah



The planets give results according to their placement or lordship in horoscope so the impact of the stone would be determined after an analysis of horoscope.

“Suitable Gems” provide us happiness, prosperity, good fortune, wealth, pride, family peace, prosperity, mental peace etc. and everything which we need for development in our life is given us by them in mass quantity.

Precautions to be taken while wearing Gems -

  1. It should touch your skin.
  2. It should be an original quality stone.
  3. It should be used with correct metal and worn in the correct finger, on the correct day.
  4. Check the originality of stone by checking its refractive index from the stone-testing laboratory.
  5. The ring fitted with the gem must first be washed with raw milk.
  6. After that it should be bathed in the smoke of incense and then worn on the correct day.
  7. After purifying the Gem with clean water, raw milk and the Holy Ganges chant the Mantras prescribed for the stone 108 times and then wear it in the finger mentioned after receiving the blessings of your family deity.
  8. Men should wear stone in right hand and women should wear it in their left hand.

Yashkaran Sharma

Useful Tips

According to Lal Kitab by receiving the blessings of the relatives associated with an inauspicious planet one can succeed in making that planet auspicious.


Serve your father and get his blessings.


Serve your mother, grandmother, maternal grandmother, mother in law or any other elderly woman and receive blessings.


Serve your brother and help him to get auspicious results of Mars.


Serve your sister, daughter or a girl of less than 9 years and receive blessings.


Serve your guru, family priest, elderly person etc and receive blessings.


Serve spouse and do not neglect her.


Serve father’s elder brother, servant, laborer etc. and do not make them unhappy.


Serve father in law, maternal grand father and receive blessings.


Serve son, nephew, or a boy of less than 9 years and receive blessings.


Yellow Sapphire is yellow in colour. It is worn to obtain the auspicious favour of most benefic planet Jupiter which is known as knowledge of KAALPURUSHA, therefore, by wearing it one's inclination towards education develops. It causes spiritual enrichment. It is the favourite stone of educationists, lawyers, directors, statesmen and politicians. It can be recommended to students. It promotes universal love and brotherhood. It is very helpful for pregnancy and child birth. It nullifies Kujadosha, promotes marriage and controls a malefic Mars in preventing Jaundice and other liver related troubles. It is excellent for business stability and financial matters and is one of most wonderful gifts of nature. It increases the power of penetrating vision. It also increases the wealth, prosperity, life security, protects from poverty and removes misfortunes. It cures diarrhea, gastric ulcer, jaundice, heart problems, impotency, arthritis etc. It is harmless stone. It brings peace of mind and makes one contented, polite and humble. It proves very auspicious for professional life. It can be recommended to girls for early marriage, to get a suitable husband and for problem free married life. Its weight should be 4 to 8 carats.

How to wear : Power of Jupiter can be tamed by wearing gem of Jupiter in a Golden ring, in index finger or locket or armlet on Thursday. Recite one rosary of following mantra before wearing it.

Mantra :

"Om Grang Greeng Graung Sah Guruve Namah."

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