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Abha Bansal
The transit of Saturn from Leo to Virgo on September 9th has given a big relief to a great number of people. Transit of Saturn in Leo had affected most of the people on earth quite adversely because it is the sign of its enemy Sun but its movement from Leo to friendly sign Virgo has brought quite favourable changes in the lives of many.

Saturn is known as the “Balance Wheel” of universe. It brings stability in our life while on one hand it indicates spiritual life, meditation, concentration, longevity, law and judgment and on the other hand it teaches a very good lesson to every body by bringing a suitable and substantial change in life especially during its Dasha and transit. It also gives tolerance power to accept the mistakes done by self. Hence it makes us pure, but for any one who is facing the wrath of Saturn its really difficult to pass the time smoothly as negative Saturn brings misfortune, poverty, loss, obstruction, separation, depression, disease, fear, legal problems and anxiety. Being slowest moving planet, its impact holds the developments and delays the things.

Sri Sri Darbharanyeshwar Swami Devasthanam Sri Sri Darbharanyeshwar Swami Devasthanam
Sri Sri Darbharanyeshwar Swami Devasthanam
While Saturn seems to be a cruel planet which brings miseries and losses to people, it can be propitiated and pleased if its puja is done with full dedication. There are many Temples of Saturn all over India. Many of them are shown on TV quite frequently but one temple which I really recommend is Sri Sri Darbharanyeshwar Swami Devasthanam at Thirunallur near Karaikal in Tamilnadu. It is considered to be the best and the oldest in India for Saturn. Actually this temple has the unique idol of Lord Shani as he stands in posture of blessing the devotee i.e. Abhaya Hastham. This is a rare phenomenon hence thousands of devotees visit this place to get his blessings. In mythology there is one story of a King by the name Nal who worshipped lord Saturn vigorously at this place and got this boon from Saturn that whosoever shall visit this place won’t become the victim of Saturn’s wrath.

Though the main temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva but Shani shrine is more popular here due to the belief of devotees that by praying at the Shani shrine Lord Shani will be happy and thereby all the miseries and hardships shall get removed. This temple is believed to be built in the 7th century.

I will suggest the reader to visit this temple at least once as it is really a nice place to visit which gives a comforting help and amazingly positive energy to the visitor.

Besides this recite the mantra “OM Shang Shaneshcharay Namah” with full faith. Donate mustard oil after seeing your face in it. Serve the poor. Wear blue sapphire or 7 faced and 14 faced Rudrakshas. Observe fast on Saturday. A few remedies will certainly help you to get rid of malefic influence of Saturn to some extent.

Abha Bansal

Future Point

The Universe : Some Important Facts

In our universe there are 4000 crores of stars and this is not one single Arun Bansal universe of its kind rather there are more than 1000 crores of them like this. Our this universe is so big that if we consider the size of Sun equivalent to the tip of a needle the nearest star shall be 10 miles away from it. 30 lakhs of earths can be contained inside the Sun. Below we are throwing light on the very interesting and strange facts about the planets moving in such a big universe.

The number of stars in the universe is more than number of sand particles on all sea shores.

  • It shall take one lakh years to cross the universe if we move with the speed of light.
  • The Sun takes one month to make one revolution around its own axis. It takes 26000 years to make one complete revolution around the universe.
  • If we drive the car with the speed of 100 kilometers per hour we shall take 171 years to reach the Sun.
  • The temperature of Sun’s surface is 6000 Celsius and all the metals get vaporized at this temperature.
  • The Mercury orbits around the Sun with fastest speed. It completes its revolution around the Sun in 88 days.
  • The Venus is the hottest planet of the solar system and its temperature reaches the mark of 460 Celsius.
  • The duration of one day of the Mars is few minutes more (24 hours 37 minutes 23 seconds) than that of one day of the earth.
  • We shall be reaching on the Moon in around 100 days if we move towards it with a speed of 160 kilometers per hour.
  • The distance of the Moon from the earth is increasing with a speed of 3 centimeter per year.
  • Only one part of the Moon is visible from earth because it takes equal time to revolve around its orbit and its axis.
  • The earth is moving on its axis with a speed of 1600 kilometers per hour and 1 lakh kilometers per hour around Sun.
  • If the earth is compared to an apple then the thickness of the atmosphere above earth shall be equivalent to the bark of it.
  • The heat of the Sun vaporizes around 1 lakh cubic miles of water per year which weighs around 4 crores of tons.
  • The 71% portion of surface of the earth is covered with water, the 97% of which is salty and only 3% sweet.
  • Our earth is closer to the Sun during winters. During winters it comes closer to the Sun by 50 lakhs kilometers and in summers it goes away from the Sun by same distance. The temperature in summers is up not due to distance but the angle earth's surface makes towards Sun.
  • The density of the earth is 5.515 grams per cubic centimeters and its total weight is 5.17 x 1024 i.e, 6 crore crore crore tons.
  • The minimum temperature registered on earth is -88 Celsius and maximum 58 Celsius.
  • Planet Saturn is lighter than water and the weight of Jupiter is more than total weight of all planets.
  • The density of Saturn is .7 grams per cubic centimeters. But its total weight is 95 times more than that of earth. Its distance from Sun is 50 times more than that of earth from the Sun.
  • The circumference of Jupiter can contain more than 1300 earths in it. Its distance is 5 times more than that of earth from the Sun. Its total weight is 318 times more than that of earth.
  • The Jupiter works like a big vacuum cleaner which protects earth from the dangerous arrival of comets and falling stars. Otherwise, the probability of their coming near to earth will increase by 10, 000 times and life on earth will get endangered.
  • The Pluto is not considered a planet but it is dwarf planet only.
  • The Pluto is away from Neptune but because of high ellipticity of its orbit it was closer to the Sun than the Neptune from 1979 to 1999.
These above mentioned facts depict that this space is boundless and so are the bounds of distance, time and speed.  or a fountain or can have your place of worship in that area.

Arun Bansal

Future Point

Five Elements
Yashkaran Sharma
Abode of Five Elements
With the help of their intense asceticism and deep thinking our Rishis discovered that these five elements rule different directions and they have a special impact on the various parts of our body.

They said that our body comprised of five elements gets merged into these five elements again.

Ether + Fire + Air + Water + Earth = Process of Creation
Air + Water + Fire + Earth + Ether = Process of Destruction
Abode of Five Elements in BodyFiive Elements
Ether - Brain
Fire - Shoulders
Air - Navel
Earth - Knees
Water - Feet
Abode of Five Elements in Hands
Ether - Thumb
Air - Index Finger
Fire - Middle Finger
Water - Ring Finger
Earth - Little Finger
Five Elements
We all know that man and our universe is made up of – earth, ether, water, fire and air. These are very important in the life of a human being. Our body gets energy enhancing elements like carbohydrates, proteins and oil etc from these elements and external energy from heat, light, sound and air. If these elements remain balanced we succeed in living a peaceful and contented life and our intellect also remains balanced. Contrary to that the lack of harmony with these elements results into depression, tension, bad health, physical ailment and lack of peace in mind and when the similar type of problem of harmony is there in nature it results into storm, flood, earthquake and conflagration etc. Therefore it is essential to have balance in these elements for enjoying a happy life.

Vastu Energy

  1. Ether (space): Space is the most widely spread over of the five elements. There is no place in the universe where space is not there. It is infinite. In space there is gravitational force, magnetic force, radiation, parabaingani rays, infrared rays, light rays and rays of planets etc. All these have an impact on our lives and earth. Sound gets generated from ether element only. Sound is not possible without ether. Sound gets generated because of vacuum of space with the medium of environment and air. Therefore we get the invaluable gift of sound from ether/ space. A building gets ether element in proportion to the height of the building. The dome of temple and gurudwara and the arch of mosque is the symbol of abundance of ether power. If the walls of the house are short then one gets suffocated. The element ether doesn’t develop completely in the body. Therefore, we should construct our house in a way so that we get complete benefit of visible and invisible positive energy from nature.
  2. Air: Plants and animals get life from air which awakens virility and vitality. As air regulates our body similarly air regulates healthy atmosphere in a building. The earth is covered with a covering of gases. This gaseous covering is known as atmosphere. In atmosphere the quantity of oxygen is 21% which is 1/5 part of it. On other planets oxygen is not there, therefore there is no life there. The quantity of carbon is only 0.03 %, it is there in two forms carbon monoxide (Co) and carbon dioxide (Co2). In addition to that Argon is 0.93%, hydrogen 0.01% and other gases 0.01%. Concentration of heavy and necessary gases is 5 kilometers away from earth. At a height of 16 kilometers from earth oxygen gets converted into ozone. The atom of ozone contains 3 molecules of oxygen and this ozone layer is very thick at a height of 23 kilometers. This layer of ozone is very important because it absorbs the harmful rays released by Sun. If this ozone layer breaks the temperature of earth shall exceed and that shall create the danger of inundation.

    In the day time the most of the plants absorb carbon dioxide from atmosphere and release oxygen. However during night the process is opposite as they take oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Only the tree of Peepal is an exception to it. Carbon dioxide is harmful to our body therefore one should not sleep near trees at night.
    Polluted Ishaan:
    Very auspicious parabaingani rays come in the North Eastern corner (ishaan) of the house. If there remains filth in this corner then the carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other gases coming from this filth shall pollute these auspicious rays.
    The building should not be near cremation ground:
    The carbon and other gases which are released during the cremation of a dead body cause bad impact on human life.

    Air is invaluable gift of nature: Actually air is invaluable gift of nature to mankind. Air flows into a building through windows. Therefore one should pay lot of attention for the inflow of air while constructing a house. The north side should be open in building for the inflow of air. There should be proper arrangement of cross ventilation in a building through ventilator and windows.
  3. Fire: Sun is the main source of energy. Mainly we get heat and light from Sun. Heat is a form of fire. The earth revolves around Sun which results into day/ night formation and changes in nature. Living beings get enthusiasm, courage and power from rain, air and sunlight and solar heat. Most of the colonies in this world have been constructed in such a way so that there remains inflow of solar energy in sufficient quantity. However as per the maxim, “Excess of everything is bad” the excessive heat of sun in a house is bad. In hill stations the people staying in east facing houses get troubles. Because by noon the building turns over hot because of burning heat of sun. Therefore the element of fire should be mixed proportionately in a residential building so that it remains hot in winter and cool in summer.
  4. Water: Water is an important element on earth. It gives life to us. Animals and plants can not live without water. Two third portion of earth contains water, ponds, rivers, lakes and oceans are its different forms which are spread over on 71% portion of this earth. The earth is the only watery planet in our solar system. The hot air of environment gets converted into the form of liquid after turning cool and spreads in the sky in the form of drops of water which is known as cloud. Rain comes from these clouds only and in the process water gets stored in rivers, lakes and oceans. In water also one part is oxygen. All living beings of water remain alive by getting vital breath oxygen from water.

    Three fourth portion of our total body weight is water only. We loose our health because of loss of water in body. Not only living beings and plants but our houses also need lot of water. Taste, feelings and sound are the features of water. Therefore it should be given due consideration while constructing a house that there is enough source of water in that house.
  5. Earth: Earth is a planet on which air, water and lot of other minerals are there. The upper layer of earth is known as soil. Stone, sand, iron and lime etc are one part of soil. Inside the earth at a certain place towards south -east the magnetic and gravitational force of earth also have an impact on all living and non- living objects of earth. The life cycle started from earth and other planets therefore this earth is known as mother also. This is the main objective of worshipping earth at the time of construction of a building. One can not dream about life and residence without earth. The earth is centre of gravitational and magnetic force. Because of these powers only the earth gives consolidated base for the buildings constructed on its surface. The shape, surface and soil of earth are different in different places. It is brought into consideration especially while constructing a house that what shall be the impact of soil, shape of surface, type, color and odor of earth on life. Apart from touch, sound and taste the other main feature of earth is odor

Yashkaran Sharma

Future Point

Tip Of The Month

If Venus, 7th house or 7th lord are afflicted in one’s horoscope in that case following remedies can prove effective to enhance marital bliss.
  1. One should wear diamond or white sapphire or the stone of Navansha lord of 7th house lord under expert astrological guidance. Six faced and 13 faced Rudraksha and Gauri Shankar Rudraksha are also beneficial. Turqoise or peridot, American diamond or opal can be worn to enhance mutual harmony between husband and wife. Aquamarine is especially effective to enhance marital bliss in Indian conditions.

  2. Husband should wear diamond and pearl and wife should wear yellow sapphire and pearl to enhance marital happiness under astrological guidance.

  3. Keep Kamdev Yantra, Venus Yantra, Akarshan Yantra or Matangi Yantra at your place of worship. Any of these Yantras should be worsipped to enhance marital happiness.

  4. If the reason of problem is lack of sexual compatibility recite one rosary of Kamdev Mantra or Kam Gayatri daily in front of Kamdev Yantra to enhance compatibility and to increase sexual powers.

  5. Recite one rosary of Shukra Mantra or Shukra Gayatri daily in front of Shukra Yantra (Venus Yantra) to enhace compatibility and to increase the intensity of love.

  6. If husband and wife are indifferent to each other then recite one rosary of Akarshan Mantra or Akarshan Gayatri daily in front of AkarshanYantra to enhance attraction between lover and beloved.

  7. Matangi Yantra is worshipped by those girls who are looking forward to get a spouse oftheir choice. This enhances physical beauty. It is considered very effective for bringing matrimonial development. Recite one rosary of Matangi Mantra or Matangi Gayatri daily in front of Matangi Yantra to enhance marital bliss.

  8. Light a lamp in the south east corner of your house to get the blessings of goddess of love.

  9. Wear cupid pendant which is comprised of two 6 faced rudrakshas and one 13 faced rudraksha between these two 6 faced rudrakshas.

  10. Keep a pair of love birds with a ball of rose quarts or else you can also keep Mandarin ducks made of rose quartz and for enhancing harmony between husband and wife they should have their food together in the same place.

  11. Apply yellow chandan on your forehead.

  12. Keep Sangsitara Sriyantra at your place of worship and recite mantra of mahalaxmi daily in front of it to enhance love, harmony, attraction and marital bliss in your life.

  13. Wear crystal rosary in your neck.

  14. Observe fast on Friday.

  15. If females feel insecure because of lack of issue comfort or lack of financial stability in that case they are advised to be pure vegetarian and they should worship Jupiter Yantra and should also observe fast on Thursday to assure marital happiness.

Product Of the Month

Sampurna Vidya Pradayak Yantra

Sampurna Vidya Pradayak YantraIn Hindu mythology,Saraswati Devi is controller of education, intelligence, speech and music. Sampoorn Vidya Pradayak Yantra is comprised of 13 yantras with  Saraswati Yantra  in Centre surrounded by following 12 yantras viz. Surya Yantra, Shukra Yantra, Chandra Yantra, Mangal Yantra, Gayatri Yantra, Ketu Yantra, Rahu Yantra, Shani Yantra, Geeta Yantra, Navdurga Yantra, Brihaspati Yantra, Budh Yantra.

By worshipping this yantra one will be blessed with success in examinations and concentration in studies. It sharpens grasping power, memory and intellect. This yantra should be worshipped specially by children and students who suffer from break in education. It is beneficial for higher studies and competition.

For acquiring spiritual wisdom the grace of Goddess SaraswatiSaraswati is very essential. Sprinkle ganga jal or clean water on it and keep at place of worship on Wednesday morning and recite following mantra 108 times.

Mantra: "Om Shree Saraswatyai Namah". 

The significance of all the yantras in Sampuran Vidyapradayak Yantra is explained below.
  1. Saraswati Yantra - Goddess Saraswati Yantra is beneficial to enhance education, erudition, intelligence, creativity and efficiency in music.
  2. Buddh Yantra - It sharpness intellect, memory and communication skills.
  3. Shukra Yantra - It enhances creativity and makes one more focused in education.
  4. Chandra Yantra - It is beneficial for concentration of mind. It makes the native more receptive and equips him with powerful imagination.
  5. Brihaspati Yantra - It enhances knowledge, erudition and spiritual insight.
  6. Surya Yantra - It sharpens the intellect and brings educational success.
  7. Mangal Yantra- It improves performance level in the field of education.
  8. Navdurga Yantra - It brings all round success, victory, success in competition and overcomes hurdles.
  9. Gayatri Yantra- It sharpens intellect, enhances knowledge and eradicates sins.
  10. Geeta Yantra- It makes the students more focused in their studies.
  11. Shani Yantra - It overcomes obstacles.
  12. Rahu Yantra- It is a blessings for overcoming, examination fear. It overcomes obstacles.
  13. Ketu Yantra - It enhances power of understanding and equips the student with special talent to understand the concepts thoroughly.
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