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Dear member,

Professional life is most important pillar of our life because the stability and instability of our professional life affects all areas of our life. Therefore here we shall have an astrological dialogue on professional life.

First of all while looking for this we should see the Rajyogas of horoscope i.e. how many Raj yogas are there in the horoscope. Raj yogas are formed in many ways like :-

  • The lord of tenth house is in kendra (centre) posited with a benefic house or aspected by the same.
  • Mutual exchange of Ninth house lord and lord of tenth house.
  • Any other relationship or aspect of nineth and tenth house lords in a benefic house.
  • Lagna lord, fourth lord, fifth lord, seventh lord, ninth lord, tenth lord all are posited in center (kendra) house or aspected by each other then also there is maha purush yoga.
  • Lagna lord posited in kendra aspected by benefic planet consolidates the promise of Raj yoga in a horoscope.

However if lagna lord goes in malefic house ie sixth, eighth and twelveth then the entire promise of horoscope gets weakened.

Hence the first thing to see in the horoscope is the lagna lord. Its position in the centre is most important. Placement of other planets is also important. If these planets are exalted then also the horoscope becomes excellent.

Any one who has Jupiter in centre, Venus and Mercury in lagna and Mars in tenth house he is like almighty king. Otherwise also if some one has lagna lord in centre, benefic planets in kendra and malefic planets in third, sixth and eleventh then also he will enjoy a decent life and will be in a position to give employment to many.

If native’s horoscope has any powerful Raj yoga then he can get success by entering into any type of career. Powerful Raj yogas will enable him not only to be successful in shaping his career only rather he might become source of fate even for other people. The power of a rajyoga depends on some other factors also like:-

Second house(house of wealth) and eleventh house(income), lagna, lagna lord, destiny lord tenth house, significator of tenth house i.e. Sun and Saturn should also be powerful. There should not be any Raj Bhang yoga in the horoscope. We will discuss about rajbhangyoga some other time.

All people do not have rajyogas in their chart so to study about the profession of an ordinary person we should see the tenth house from lagna, if its vacant, then we should see tenth house from moon and if this also vacant then we can see the planet occupying 10th house from Sun however if tenth house from lagna, Moon or Sun is vacant  then we should see the Navamsha lord of tenth lord. That planet shall definitely play an important role in deciding the profession of native.

Irrespective of the fact whether there is any rajyoga in the chart or not the above mentioned planet becomes very important caretaker of one’s professional career. 

  • Due consideration should be given to fifth house and significators of fifth house because if fifth house (previous life) is in a bad condition in that case the sins of our past life intervene to create obstacles in our life and in that case we do not get the complete favour of destiny in- spite of having a powerful house of destiny.
  • Saturn brings stability in our professional life
  • Bhav karak of tenth house i.e. Sun is also very important.
  • Rishi Prarashar has given lot of importance to planet Mercury while talking about the significators of tenth house. So as planet Mercury is the significator of resourcefulness and finances therefore its position should also be studied.

  • Importance of Lord of tenth house in horoscope can not be overlooked.

We can discuss about these point in later part, but this time I just wanted to pin point that to look for the profession of some one we should take care of all these points and then decide accordingly.

In an ordinary horoscope where rajyogas are not there it is inevitably essential to see the strength of Sun, Saturn, tenth house, tenth lord, dasha in operation and transit to advise him to start his own business. If all these planets, houses, dasha and transit loose strength in that case the native should not be advised to do his own business.

Abha Bansal

Future Point

Palmistry and Medical Science
Arun Bansal

God has gifted mankind with several methods for knowing the future. The scholars in ancient India has given them form of Shastra (treatise). For example astrology, numerology, omen book, swarodaya (analysis of breath), Ramala shastra, vastu shastra, horary (prashna shastra), electional astrology etc. and one of these is Palmistry (samudrik shastra)

Palmistry is an integral part of samudrik shastra only. In samudrik shastra we talk about whole body of human being and we predict about the future of native with an interpretation of his personality and behaviour whereas in Palmistry the basis of prediction is only the lines of palm. It is established that our palm contains sensitive points to control our whole body. The science of acupressure is also based on the same fact only in which the concept goes to cure various body parts with the application of pressure on these points.

The left part of our brain regulates our right hand whereas left hand is controlled by right

part of brain. Medical science proclaims that left part controls our speech, writing skills and scientific calculation whereas right part controls our musical and artistic abilities and for this reason only man-(symbol of science) is advised to wear stones in right hand for controlling left part of brain and similarly woman - (the symbol of art) is recommended to wear stones in left hand for controlling right side of brain.

In astrology the natal chart is cast for the time against the first cry (first breath) made by the new born infant. Similarly in hoary astrology the horoscope is cast for the time of emergence of question in the mind of the querist. In the study of omen (Shakun shastra) & Swara Vigyan the omen and Swara is analyzed before initiating any task. But in palmistry the lines are there in the hand of infant even before he takes birth. It means that God has written the fate of native before his birth. Here question arises that when does He write it?

According to medical science the major lines appear in the hand of child in his 3rd month in pregnancy.

he minute lines (micro prints or finger prints) get developed with the completion of 6 months.

According to medical science the detailed knowledge of lines of hand are embedded in 21st chromosome and hence palm lines develop completely on the basis of our hereditary system. Therefore, the destiny is written on that day itself when fusion of sperms and ova take place. The remaining time gets spent in making it completely visible. On the basis of this knowledge only our Rishis had generated a system of designing a Muhurat for conceiving for a healthy and intelligent child.

In this Muhurat the healthy sperms fuse with healthy ova for the birth of a healthy baby.

According to the research of medical science some kind of disorder in 21st chromosome results into the mental abnormalities in children so also their life line and mind line gets converted into one. According to medical science it is believed that mind line and lifeline get converted into one when there is some tension in the mind of mother before conception. This proves that time of conception and state of mind of parents and situation at that time can bring changes in the lines of palm. This is true because hereditary facts create lines. Therefore the proper nourishing during pregnancy can change the health and destiny of native.

In palmistry specific area on the palm is connected to a specific area of brain and a planet. For example the area below index finger is known as mount of Jupiter because it is connected to the knowledge area of brain. The area below middle finger is known as Saturn’s area as it is associated with the action area of our mind. Little finger is associated with the scientific calculation therefore the area below it is that of mount of Mercury.

Ring finger is associated with two nerves whereas all other fingers are associated with

one single nerve. The maximum area of brain is regulated by it. Therefore, this finger is most important and that is why it is known as finger of Sun. It is this importance of ring finger because of which majority of stones are worn in this finger only and that is why it is known as ring finger. In addition to that all other important works are done through this finger only like recitation of a mantra on rosary, putting mark on forehead (tilak) and other worshipping ceremonies. 

Various lines have been given importance on the basis of their impact. The heart line represents the mentality of a person whereas mind line denotes the ability to think and to take decisions. Life line represents health and destiny line indicates the destiny which results from the harmony between the thoughts and actions of man. In nut shell palm is a mirror of our nature, health and future. Knowledge of palmistry can help us know all this in detail.

Arun Bansal

Future Point

Vastu an Introduction

We get knowledge of vastu from Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samveda,

Atharvaveda, hindu mythology and other shastras. However its  principles were mentioned in Rigveda for the first time. These four Vedas originated from the four faces of Lord Brahma. After these four Vedas the Upvedas were also written. Sthapatya Veda is one of these Upvedas only which is known as Upveda of Atharvaveda. Later this Sthapatya Veda developed into Vastushastra only. That way this Upveda only is the base of Vastushastra. In addition to that we also get information about Vastu from Matsya Purana, Skanda Purana, Agni Purana, Vayu Purana, Garud Purana and Bhavishya Purana. In the columns of Matsya Purana the principles of Vastu have been described in detail.

There is detailed description about Vastu in Narad Purana too- especially regarding the storage of water and construction of wells and lakes. In addition to that there are several remarkable facts about temples in this Purana. Similarly principles related to temples and residential houses have been described in Garud Purana. Vastu principles regarding temples have been described in Vayu Purana also but only those temples have been described in this Purana which are constructed on high altitude.

If the principles mentioned in Skanda Purana for city construction are followed properly in that case the cities of western civilization would also loose their glory. Similarly there is detailed description about residential buildings in Agni Purana.

Apart from these ancient books the extensive and detailed description about Vastu is available there in various other books too. Some of these books are- Ramayana, Mahabharata, Ashtadhyayi, Arthashastra, Brihatsamhita, Samrangana Sutra, Vishwakarma Prakash, Mayamat, Mansaar, Vasturaj Vallabh and books of Jainism and Buddhism etc. In addition to that 18 different Maharishis like Bhrigu, Shukracharya and Brihaspati etc have spoken elaborately about this Vastushastra. Although all these books are comprehensive however, Samranganasutra gives very simple remedial measures for the rectification of Vastu faults and all these remedies can be done without bringing any type of damage to the existing building.

The word Vastu originated from the “Vas” word of Sanskrit and the meaning of this word is to live life or to reside. The word “Vasu” originated from “Vas” and finally this word “Vastu” originated from “Vasu”. The meaning of वास्तु is व + अस्तु which means for living therefore basically the meaning of the word Vastu is a place where a person resides. The meaning of Shastra is book which deals with the mysterious and systematic explanation of a subject therefore the meaning of Vastushastra is a book related to residence.

The origin and anatomy of Vastushastra is based on the principle of five elements of creation. As our body is made of five elements similarly if enough attention about the incorporation of these five elements in the construction of a house in that case people residing in the building shall reside happily.

Fire, Air and Space. Our universe also is made up of these five elements only. Therefore the saying goes – “यत पिण्डे तत ब्रह्माण्डे” (Yatpindetatbramhande). God (भगवान- bhagwan) has given these five things to us– from भ (bha) भूमि (land), from ग (ga) गगन (sky, ether), from वा (va) वायु (air), from न (na) नीर (water). God is represented by the symbol ऊँ (Om). These five elements are there in this Om also. “Aa” (अ) is Agni (fire), “Au” (उ) is Jal (water), “Ma” (म) is Vayu (air), “ँ ” (ardhachandra) is Bhoomi (land) and “0” is Akash (ether, sky). Similarly the word Vastu also denotes these five elements. From “Va”(व) Vayu (air), from “Aa” (ा) अ Agni (fire), from “Sa” (स) “Srishti” Bhoomi (land), from “Ta” (त) Tat means Akash (ether/ sky) and from “Au” (उ) Jal (water).

Therefore Vastushastra has a scientific and spiritual basis. Vastu is the construction of building by establishing harmony with the five elements of Prakriti (nature).

The appropriate mixture of these five elements results into the formation of bio - electric magnetic energy as a result of which we enjoy healthy and comfortable life. Therefore it is a behavioral science the benefit and use of which is completely clear and certain.

YashKaran Sharma

Future Point

Tip Of The Month (Enhance your love using the crystal)

Crystal Balls
Crystal Surya

Crystal Ganesh

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The crystal or the quartz is considered to be a good source of positive energy. Therefore, it is used for enhancing positive energy. In the Reiki treatment, the crystal is used extensively. The crystal has an important place in Feng shui too.

The crystal is a splendid medium of enhancing the energy of the earth-element of the house.

  • The crystal, when kept in the south - western corner of the house, maintains love and understanding among the different members of the family.
  • The crystal kept in this direction of the house makes the Chi energy of this area extremely effective and positive which leads to an enhancement of love between the husband and the wife or the lovers.
  • If any young woman is not being able to get married, she must bring this remedy in use. In this way, she can definitely get a good life-partner under the effect of the Chi energy. For this, it is necessary that the south-western corner of the house should be energised by putting up many big Crystals & Rose Quartz Grapes etc.
  • On a table in the south-western corner of the house, keep big crystals, crystal balls. Crystal grapes and heart-shaped crystals/rose quartz. Directly over these crystals, keep a table-lamp or a lighted up bulb. This will help to keep the crystals highly energised and maintain a constant flow of the Chi energy of love.
  • If the crystals are small, then arrange them in the shape of a necklace and wear them round the neck. Remember that small crystals are meant to be worn in the form of a necklace and not for keeping in a corner of the house.
  • Never allow anybody to touch your crystals. Remember that you should always think positively when you are close to the crystals.
  • If you fight, quarrel or talk negatively in the room in which the crystals have been kept, then they begin to give off negative energy and in such a situation, it becomes necessary to make the crystals pure again. To do this, wash the crystals properly in salt-water and then, keep them in the sunlight for 3-4 hours.
  • If the rainy season is going on at such a time, then keep the crystals in a deep thali and keep them on the roof. The lightning flashing across the sky will fill these crystals with living energy. This is the best way to energise the crystals.
  • By keeping the crystal & rose quartz in the south-western corner of the house, you definitely make the land-energy of your house very effective and this increases the feelings of brotherhood, unity and understanding among the various members of the family.

Product Of the Month


1)Rudraksha Bracelets for your Rashi:

By wearing the bracelet of your Rashi your confidence, health and happiness shall increase.

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Each type of Rudraksha has its own influence and property. Rudraksha is worn to get beneficial

Gauri Shankar 

Ek Mukhi
Kaju Daana

Ganesh Rudraksha
results and is helpful in curing diseases like epilepsy, hypertension, blood pressure, stress, whooping cough, wounds. Wearing of Rudraksha not only pleases Lord Shiva but also brings blessings of Lord Vishnu, Durga, Ganesh and of Navgrahas (nine planets) it reduces the ageing process and gives peace and harmony in life.
  • If a person is having problems of health and fails to get recognition and success in his life he should wear 1 faced Rudraksha.
  • If a person suffers from problems of mood swings and complains about the problem of difference of opinion with mother he should try 2 faced Rudraksha.
  • If Mars is badly placed in your horoscope then 3 faced Rudraksha is best for you.
  • If one wants to enhance intelligence and get better results in the field of education in that case 4 faced Rudraksha can help.
  • Five faced Rudraksha helps to rectify diseases and enhances knowledge.
  • If a person is having problems in love life, conjugal felicitation and relationship in that case 6 faced Rudrakshas and 13 faced Rudrakshas can be recommended.
  • To overcome the problems of professional life and to get favour of authority 1 faced, 10 faced and 12 faced Rudrakshas are best.
  • If one faces lots of obstacles, hindrances and losses in business in that case 7 faced, 9 faced, 11 faced and 14 faced Rudrakshas shall definitely bring relief.
  • If Saturn troubles 7 faced, 11 faced and 14 faced Rudrakshas should be worn in neck to overcome the malefic influence. Six faced and 13 faced Rudrakshas give power to Venus. One faced, 10 faced and 12 faced Rudrakshas strengthen the weak Sun. Eight faced Rudraksha eradicates the malefic influence of Rahu. Nine faced Rudraksha brings the blessings of goddess Durga and Ketu. Four faced Rudraksha is used for Mercury, Two faced for Moon and Five faced for Jupiter.
  • Rudraksha enhances your will power and memory. It is highly beneficial for high blood pressure, stomach disorder and obstruction from spirits. Rudraksha can be worn by anybody irrespective of age, sex and Rashi (Moon Sign). It frees you from problems and brings gain of progeny. Rudraksha never causes any negative impact; it is beneficial in every condition. Pregnant woman feels secure, protected and gets rid of any type of fear after wearing it. Rudraksha causes union in the family and enhances mutual love, affection and respect. It enhances attraction of personality. Rudraksha is the favourite ornament of Lord Shiva. One faced Rudraksha has all above-mentioned qualities.
  • Because of these beneficial qualities in it it is considered to be a very powerful and effective remedial tool.




1 Faced

Good for rulers, administrators, kings, immense power, wealth and confidence

2 Faced

Marital happiness, mental peace, contentment

3 Faced

Victory over enemies

4 Faced

Education, concentration, creativity

5 Faced

Knowledge, spiritual enrichment, health

6 Faced

Love life, sexual power, attractiveness

7 Faced

Removes malefic effects of Saturn

8 Faced

Eliminates diseases, obstacles and malefic effects of Rahu.

9 Faced

Removes malefic effects of Ketu

10 Faced

Success, up-gradation of career

11 Faced

Gains, increase in income, property

12 Faced

Foreign travel, power, position, pleasure

13 Faced

Attraction, pleasure, love, beauty

14 Faced

Power, authority, glory, name and fame

15 Faced

Power, prosperity, knowledge


Eliminates obstacles, best for success, prosperity and Intelligence

Gauri Shankar

Married life, pleasure, happiness, attraction.

Gauri Ganesh

For progeny

3)Rudraksha Kavach

Rudraksha Kavach is considered as a more powerful remedial tool because it is made to

Santan Prapti
Rudraksha Kavach

Saubhagya Dayak
Rudraksha Kavach

enhance the positive qualities and to eradicate the negativities that are there in the life of a person.

Rudraksha Kavach also known as rudraksha pendants, rudraksha lockets or rudraksha bracelets are very popular and they are made with the combined use of various rudrakshas or with the combined use of rudrakshas and gems.

“Kavach” means shield. Therefore, it is believed that 'Rudraksha Kavach' works as a shield to protect you from adversities, difficulties, problems, obstacles, hindrances, set backs and diseases because of its protective powers.

It brings good luck, fortune and prosperity. It not only amputates the ill effects of planets but also harmonizes the relationship of the individuals with those around them.

These are designed as per specific purpose and are energized by reciting the Vedic/Shabar Mantra of the particular Goddess or God along with the “Homa” done


Name Benefit
1. Wisdom Pendant For intelligence
2. Glory Pendant For glory, success and health
3. Balance Wheel For the blessings of Saturn
4. Kaalsarp Kavach For overcoming obstacles, set backs and hindrances
5. Health Pendant Bestows health
6. Cupid Pendant For improving love life
7. Badha Mukti Rudraksha Kavach For overcoming obstacles
8. Kaalsarp Dosh Nivaran Rudraksha Kavach For overcoming the evil impact of Kalsarp Dosha in horoscope
9. Parivarik Rudraksha Kavach For peace and happiness in family life
10. Sampoorna Vaibhav Prapti Rudraksha Kavach For wealth
11. Santan Prapti Kavach For getting desired offspring
12. Saubhagya Dayak Kavach For good luck
13. Shani Dosh Nivaran Kavach For blessings of Saturn
14. Swasthya Vardhak Kavach For health
15. Vidya Pradayak Kavach For education
16. Vyapar Vriddhi Rudraksha Kavach For business
17. Cupid Pendant (Double Power) Love life, attraction, beauty and pleasure.
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