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Parad Shivlinga
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Abha Bansal
As per, Hindu Scriptures, significance of Kailash-mansarovar yatra is immense. Kailash is considered as abode of Shiva-Parvatiji. Hindus regard Mt. Kailash as the mythical Mt. Meru, the divine center of the universe around which the whole creation revolves. It is described in the ancient texts as a fantastic "World Pillar", its roots in the lowest hell and its top touching the heavens. It is believed that Lord Shiva gave Shivling to Adigurushankaracharya at this place only. The peak of Kailash is the most beautiful among all other peaks. Kailash Peak has been center of devotion from ancient times for the Devas, Danavas, Yakshas, Kinners, Vidyadharas, Gandharvas, Apsaras, Yogis, Munis, Siddhas and humans. A lot of pilgrims visit Kailash-Mansarovar every year. As per Hindu theology, Lake Manasa Sarovar is the abode of purity and one who touches the earth of Manasa Sarovar will go to paradise. One who drinks the water from the lake will go to the heaven of Lord Shiva. He will be cleansed of his sins committed over a hundred lifetimes.
Happy Holi

In Hindu mythology this is believed that Lord Shiva resides at Mount Kailash, the holy mountain. Thousands of Hindus, Jains, Buddhists and followers of other regions walk around the 52 miles circumference of Mount Kailash or in other words do the Parikrama of the holy mountain. It is believed that a single circumambulation (Parikrama) around mount Kailash wipes away the sins of a lifetime.

Eighteen miles South East of Kailash is the circular, turquoise lake Mansarover. Bathing in this lake or even dousing ones head with the holy water is said to be of enormous spiritual benefit to those who can brave the icy water. Tibetan poet and seer of 11th century Milarepa's remarks on Mt. Kailash is worth quoting: "There is no place more powerful for practice, more blessed, or more marvelous than this. May all pilgrims and practitioners be welcome!"

According to ancient religious texts, the abode of Lord Vishnu is called Vaikuntha, the abode of Lord Bhrama is called Bhramaloka and the abode of Lord Shiva is called Kailash. Of the three, one can only go bodily and return in this life from Kailash having experienced divinity. The Hindus, Buddhists and Jains all alike travel to this place as pilgrims. A journey to Kailash is considered as once in a lifetime achievement

To experience the spiritual energy of this most sacred place we are facilitating a tour for all astrologers and our members. Being our privileged member you are cordially invited to join this pilgrimage to the most sacred place on this earth. The tirtha sthana holds a special significance either because it is associated with a religious event or it may have a special location which evokes an experience outside the dull and gross phenomena of daily life. It is usually a place that lifts the mind out of its limited functioning, stretching it to grasp new meanings.

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Schedule

Future Point is going to orgainse Kailash Mansarovar Yatra from 18 June 2010. All arrangements will be made by us.

There will be two groups as mentioned below:


Group A (For Detailed Itinerary) Click Here To Download
12 Day Tour  – (Drive in Fly out.)
Cost- Rs 1,15,000 /-

Group B (For Detailed Itinerary) Click Here To Download
15 Day Tour - ( Drive In Drive Out)
Cost- Rs 80,000 (Delhi to Delhi) /-

To participate in this journey your age should be less than 70 years and should have a valid passport too. 

Formalities To Follow: Click Here To Download

Registartion Form Click Here To Download

Acrobat reader is required to read PDF files. Click here to download free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.
Those interested to join this tour can contact us on below mentioned numbers –

For registration Send D.D., Cheque of Amount Rs. 50,000 in Favour Of We Sell Memories.

Head Office
Future Point,
X- 35, Okhla Phase 2,
New Delhi – 110020

Branch Office
D-68, Hauz Khas, New Delhi – 110016
Phone- 011- 40541020 (Vinita), 011- 40541022 (Kamal Sehgal)
Email: mail@futurepointindia.com

We wish that more and more people join this tour to attain peace and serenity in the abode of Lord Shiva.

Om Namah Shivay

Abha Bansal

Future Point

Why there is Difference between Calendar & Panchang

Arun Bansal 
In modern Gregorian calendar there is a leap year after a regular interval of four years. After 100 years this leap year doesn't come and after 400 years it comes again. In this way a year is of 365.2425 days which is very close to 365.2422 days of Sayan year and only after 3000 years there is difference of one day.

In contrast to calendar, Panchang contains the entry time of planets like Sun, Moon etc in different signs along with the calculation of Tithi, Yog & Karan. When we see planets in context with Rashi (signs) & stars it is known as Nirayan position of planets. The value of a Nirayan year is 365.2563, which is the duration of the re-entry of Sun in one sign in next year. This is bigger than Sayan year by 0.0142 days. In that way there comes a difference of 0.0142 days in 100 years. In each 100 years Panchang moves ahead from calendar by one and half day & because of it there comes difference in Makar sankranti and Lohri and as a result of that the Hindu festivals which are celebrated according to Tithi move ahead.

What is the difference between Sayan & Nirayan systems? The earth moves on its axis around Sun in an orbit. But there is a tilt of 23.4° in the earth. This tilt on earth is responsible for summer and winter. Because of the tilt that part of the earth, which comes straight in front of Sun, turns hot and results into summer. Seasons, Ayans & sunrise are because of the tilt of Sun & not because of the revolution of earth. Therefore the calendar is based on Sayan calculation. The middle line (equator) of the earth dissects the orbit on one line, the one point of which is spring solstice and the other is winter solstice. This line moves towards west with a speed of 50".3 per year. The complete 360° movement of earth with respect to stars is known as Nirayan year and its coming back to the same tilt again is known as Sayan year. Because of this the earth has to move 50" less from 360° while returning back to winter solstice. This difference is known as Ayanamsa.

Sayan calendar & Panchang were same on 23rd March 285. From that date till today there has come a difference of 24 days. The month of Chaitra, which used to come between February & March, now comes between March and April. The month of Jyeshtha that used to fall in May now falls in June. The summer season, which used to come in Jyeshtha has now shifted to Vaishakh. Similarly the rainy season has shifted to Ashadha - Shravana from Shravana - Bhadrapada. Seasons are based on Sun therefore they prove true according to Sayan calendar only. Calculation of time of change of seasons is not accurate on the basis of Nirayan Panchang based on Rashi (sign). Any calculation based on Sun fits true on Gregorian calendar but shifts in Panchang. According to calendar 23 December is the smallest day and on the same day Sun goes into Uttarayana. But according to Panchaang Tithi or Pravishtey Sun is not in Capricorn sign. Long time back in the year 285 Lohri or Makar Sankranti used to be smallest day but not now.

Should we convert the calendar into Nirayan or else convert Panchang into Sayan? The answer is -No. Both are correct on their own places. The calendar is meant for general public, so should be based on Sayan calculation only so that the seasons and Sun rise etc are according to date. Astrologers for the calculation of the position of planets use the Panchang. The position of planets is according to Rashi therefore Nirayan calculation is accurate. It cannot be Sayan. Therefore all Panchangs are Nirayan only. For the calculation of planetary degrees Ayanamsha should be subtracted from Sayan calculations to convert it into Nirayan. Generally we get the Sayan tables of planetary degrees. But it does not mean that planets are moving in signs according to Sayan calculation. All the planets move according to Nirayan calculations only and astrology based on Rashi and Nakshatra is completely Nirayan. Therefore both the systems of calculations are correct and we should not create illusion by making changes in these calculations or by considering them wrong. Difference of calculation in calendar and Panchang is also true.

There is need for the unification of all the panchangs. Some Panchangs follow traditional Surya Siddhant. In the modern era of scientific research where man has succeeded to reach planets through satellites, it would be merely a conservative approach to advocate the inaccuracy of modern methods of calculations. If the predictive aspect of astrology doesn't appear to fit the modern calculations, then we need to change the fundamentals of predictive astrology instead of the mathematical aspect. The prediction can not be the basis of mathematics rather mathematics only should form the basis of predictions. All panchangs should follow the international standard of calculation of planetary degrees.

All panchangs should follow the internationally accepted accurate planetary degrees and calculation should be done through computer to assure accuracy so that there doesn't remain difference in Panchang. It is necessary to do so to overcome the confusion of common man.

The difference of opinion in Aynamsha is also responsible for different planetary degrees. When we fail to recognize the difference between Sayan and Nirayan and do not succeed in telling the native his accurate Rashi or lagna with confidence then what is the use to keep different Ayanamshas. Some Aynanshas are being followed because of their names only. The difference between two Ayanamshas is almost negligible and it is difficult to prove any of these accurate. We should overlook the difference of opinion and follow Chitrapakshi (Lahiri) Aynamsa only.

The other difficulty in making Panchang is lack of unanimous opinion about festivals.

In the determination of Tithi the role of sunrise is important. Timing of sunrise is different in different places and that is why Tithi also varies with place. As a result of it there is difference in Panchangs of different places. Eventually the dates of festivals based on Tithi also change. Therefore to bring unanimity we should fix the place of festival on the basis of its history.

Festival on all places should be celebrated according to the Tithi determined on the concerned place though in scriptures we do not find the name of place with the festival.

Sometimes one festival falls on two dates. It generally happens with the festivals like Deepawali and Janmashtami. The reason is mid night calculation of Tithi and Nakshatra. Generally Tithi at the time of sunrise is taken on the Tithi for the day. If the calculation of timing of festival is done through proper method, this difference won't come.

In Hindu scriptures the detailed method of calculation of festival is given and there are little chances of going wrong in fixing the festival.

Arun Bansal

Future Point


Nav Samvatsar 2067 (Hindu New Year).

Yashkaran Sharma New Vikrami Samvatsar 2067 the new year of Hindus has begun from 16th March 2010. On this day this earth has turned 1955885111 year old. This day is also celebrated as the day of beginning of the creation of this universe. Navratri Durga Puja begins on the same day. This day is also known as the day of crowning of Lord Rama, the commencement of Yudhishtar Samvat, Digvijay of Vikramaditya, foundation of state of Shivaji and the birth day of Hedgewar.

To greet the rising Sun of the Hindu New Year, vedic students of Shri Vidya Mutt assembled on the Shakaracharya Ghat at dawn and performed yogik ashanas. The programme was organised under the auspices of Vidyashree Dharmarth Nyas, founded by the Shankaracharya of Jyotish and Dwarka Sharda peeth's Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati to propagate and preserve the oriental wisdom and Indian culture.

The name of the Nav Samvatsar is Shobhan. During this Samvat the grains are abundantly produced and people live with comforts due to good rains in spite of danger of diseases and deaths.

Result of Lord Venus: The rulers and people both live happily. The administration is efficient. In Chaitra, Vaishakh and Jyeshtha the grains are cheap, rulers have differences. The rains are less in Ashadh but more in Shravan. In Bhadrapada there are losses because of excessive rains but in Ashwin grains are cheap. In remaining months there is atmosphere of natural calamities and violence.

This year Varsh lord is Mars and minister is Mercury. In mundane astrology, it is mentioned that in the lordship of Mars, inauspicious results like fear from thieves, fire, murders, insult of parents, anarchy, natural calamities, fire accidents, political revolts and violence etc. occur. There shall be ups and downs in politics. New types of diseases shall spread all over. Women shall become power hungry. Politicians and people in general shall loose their power of tolerance. There shall be problems in nation’s day to day events and home ministry shall go through lot of pressure and insult. This year Saturn shall remain in Virgo and when Saturn transits through Virgo, there is drought in central part of country and the top leader leaves the post may be due to health/ death or due to opposition. There shall be progress in agricultural activities. The communication equipments and vehicles shall improve quality and cost wise.

There will be lot of chaos in the Islamic countries. In the country like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh terrorism will keep on growing & the rulers of these countries will not be able to resolve these activities. Obama will become more generous towards India.

During the month of April & May, there could be assassination of two inter-national leaders. There shall be probability of war too.

According to the New Year horoscope & according to the placement of different stars, there will be lot of in house conflicts in the countries like America, India, Nepal, China & Bangladesh. But India & America may start campaign of peace after July 2010. The aspect of Saturn indicates that terrorism shall increase. In southern states of India woman power shall rise. Women shall earn lot of power in countries like Nepal, Srilanka, Pakistan, Bhutan, Africa, America, and England.

India will rise economically and might make its position in one of the most happening countries of the world like USA, Britain, Japan & Australia. Employment will increase in India. Growth in industries is very much indicated. But conflicts between ruling party & opposition can not be ruled out. But Mrs. Sonia Gandhi's & Rahul Gandhi's Charisma will keep on taking the country to the new height.

Congress President – Mrs. Sonia Gandhi

Date of birth 9th December 1946, Time 21:30 hrs at Turin (Italy)

Mrs Sonia Gandhi possess the cancer ascendant. Cancer ascendant is considered as the royal ascendant. As many top politicians, leaders have this ascendant example, George Bush, Indra Gandhi etc.

Mrs Sonia Gandhi is gifted with special powers because the placement of Jupiter, Saturn and Venus in Kendras forms Anshavtar (incarnation)Yoga. The sub period of Saturn till December 2012 in the major period of Mercury shall help her to shape the destiny of the country there by bringing substantial up gradation in devising powerful plans to control administration and national and international politics. She has to remain careful about her health.

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi a dynamic force in Indian politics has an auspicios horoscope because lagna is hemmed between benefic planets and this lagna is under the impact of five planets. When there is the impact of several planets on lagna the horoscope becomes powerful. He is a very hardworking person. According to Lal Kitab the placement of Sun and Mars in lagna is considered very auspicious. The mutual aspect between destiny lord and the lord of house of profession forms Rajyoga. The sub period of Jupiter in the major period of Moon shall motivate him to overcome poverty. His popularity in Indian public shall start increasing after May 2010.

Yashkaran Sharma

Future Point


Remedial Measures for Propitiating Kalsarp Yoga

  • For propitiating kalsarp yoga mahamrityunjay yagya is very effective
  • Some astrologers recommend the effectiveness of Kalsarp puja, Panchangvedi pujan, Rudrabhishek, Narayan nagbali and Homa
  • Kalsarp yantra should be kept at place of worship
  • Kalsarp Rudraksha Kawach should be worn in the neck
  • Few astrologers advocate the importance of kalsarpyog ring

  • If these remedies are not possible in that case kalsarpdoshnivaran mantra should be recited 108 times daily.
  • Daily chanting of mahamrityunjay mantra in front of mahamrityunjay yantra can also render auspicious results
Mahamrityunjay Mantra

Kalsarpdoshnivaran Mantra-


Product Of the Month

Parad Shivlinga

This shivlinga is made of mercury and silver and is very solid and heavy. Parad ShivLinga This Shivlinga is made of mercury and silver and is very solid and heavy. It is a rare tantric article. It is used for sadhana and if one concentrates on it and uses it for worship most of his wishes are fulfilled.

Ancient sages have written that for cure of disease worship of Shivlinga is essential in addition to medicine. When this parad Shivlinga is kept in the Sun it reflects the rainbow colour which is considered very auspicious and believed to have the power to remove one's all sins. It is said that all sins get annihilated by mere touching it. It adds fame, popularity to a person. On possession of it, it gives peace, prosperity and happiness. It brings prosperity to the house or office. There is no shortage of food, money or clothes. It brings peace to the premises. If kept in the bedroom, it brings harmony among the couple. If kept during religious gathering, it brings knowledge by evoking Goddess Saraswati. Enlightens the students with knowledge and sharpens their memory. Fill it with Ganges water and sprinkle it on a person or in a premises. Malefic planetary effects, black magic and evils disappear. Parad Shivlinga balances and harmonise the aura around us and removes the negative energy.

It is believed that Parad Shivlinga is best Shivalinga in the world. By worshipping parad Shivlinga one gets blessings of Lord Shiva quickly because impact of worship of parad Shivlinga is one thousand crore times more than the worship of any other Shivlinga . Other distinguishing feature of Parad Shivlinga is that there is no need to energise it before worshipping because it is naturally energised. Following Mantra should be recited for it :

Om Namah Shivay


Om Trayambakam Yajamahe sugandhim pushtivardhanam
Urawarukmiv bandhanaan mrityormuksheey maamritaat         

Kailashmansarovar is considered as abode of Shiva-Parvatiji. It is believed that Lord Shiva gave Shivling to Adigurushankaracharya at this place only. According to ancient religious texts, the abode of Lord Vishnu is called Vaikuntha, the abode of Lord Bhrama is called Bhramaloka and the abode of Lord Shiva is called Kailash. Of the three, one can only go bodily and return in this life from Kailash having experienced divinity. It is usually a place that lifts the mind out of its limited functioning, stretching it to grasp new meanings. It shall be highly auspicious to worship this parad shivling at Kailashmansarovar to energise it.


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