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Celebrity Horoscopes | Detailed

Saddam Hussain

Celebrity Horoscope
Date Of Birth 28/07/1937   Format(dd/mm/yyyy)
Time Of Birth 12:00:00   Format(hh:mm:ss)
City Baghdad District
State Country
Latitude 33:20N Longitude 44:30E
Zone 45:00E


Asc-LordLib-VenusRasi-LordPis-JupiterNak-LordU Bhadrapad-3-Saturn
AscLib06:36:59--- ---VenMarMon48
SunCan11:51:38 10FriendMonSatMon37
MonPis10:50:08 6NeutralJupSatSun37
MarSco02:25:06 2OwnSignMarJupRah44
MerLeo01:23:20 11FriendSunKetVen11
JupRSag27:46:28 3OwnSignJupSunMon19
VenTau28:44:19 8OwnSignVenMarSat26
SatRPis12:02:23 6NeutralJupSatMon37
RahSco20:46:02 2EnemyMarMerVen210
KetTau20:46:02 8NeutralVenMonVen44
UraAri20:29:53 7 ---MarVenJup37
NepLeo24:08:40 11 ---SunVenMer48
PluCan05:30:34 10 ---MonSatMer15
NOTE : - Waxing -Waning R-Retro S-Stationary C- Combust D-DeepCombust
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Navamsa Chart
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A Brief Review

          At the time of your birth Libra Ascendant ( Lagna ) was on the rise with Scorpio Navamsa and Libra Dreskana in the fourth Pad of Chitra indicating that you are a person always interested only in pleasure, especially sexual pleasure. You are so obsessed with enjoying the company of your spouse that you may go to the extent of studying and, if possible, mastering Kamasutra!

          Whether at work or at home, you will mostly be thinking about your very inviting bedroom. You love and adore your spouse and will go to any length to keep your spouse attractive, comfortable and happy. Since you will be so devoted to your partner, you will have to make sure to get an ideal partner. You would do well to choose one from the Aquarius or the Gemini signs, avoiding a Cancer, Capricorn or Pisces born person. This is essential for you to have a harmonious life at home. If by chance you can’t get a partner with whom you don’t have the same wavelength, you will feel miserable. Even in such an eventuality you won’t desert your associate but manage somehow.

          The other area or your interest in life is regarding friends. You desire having good friends for whom you will always be prepared to do anything. On their part they will stand by you. In fact friends can be said to form your backbone.

          Both Libra and Chitra promise you with all advantages and benefits but there is a hitch insofar as Scorpio Navamsa is concerned. According to the last one, you may encounter difficulties regarding your limbs and suffer from diseases and you won’t be rich. Hence it is essential you make carness and all-out efforts to offset any evil effect that may be lurking. To the extent possible, try to observe fast every Tuesday which will help you.

          A dynamic individual, well learned with the ability to make a good impression on the powers that be, you surely have the qualities necessary to make a success of anything you take up. Determined, hard work can yield rich dividends in the form of money and other material benefits. Here you should give up the habit of combining business and pleasure, and reduce the quantum of time you spend in love-making and sex.

          You can and should emerge right on top as you know how to talk effectively and influence influential government officials. You can take up professions like transport, chemist and contracts.

          You will be a good mixer and popular in any company. You are given to be happy, enjoying jokes and approaching matters patiently but of and on you may lose your temper. And when that happens, you may become violent, bent upon teaching a lesson to your adversary. Better check that tendency.

          Be cautious in your spending habits. Aspiring for the finest things in life you may spend a lot which in turn may affect your financial condition in your old age. Keep a tight control over your purse so that you can lead a life of luxury throughout.

          Your lucky days are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Friday will be so-so but Thursday is none too good.

          Opt for numbers 1, 2, 4, 7 and 8, keeping off 3, 5, 6 and 9 which are not harmonious.

          Colours green and yellow are detrimental to your interests. Make white, red and orange your favourites as they favour you.

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