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Celebrity Horoscopes | Detailed

Nicholas Copernicus

Celebrity Horoscope
Date Of Birth 19/02/1473   Format(dd/mm/yyyy)
Time Of Birth 16:48:00   Format(hh:mm:ss)
City Torun District
State Country
Latitude 53:00N Longitude 18:39E
Zone 15:00E


AscLeo18:43:25--- ---SunVenRah26
SunAqu23:40:49 7EnemySatJupSat22
MonSco18:55:33 4DblitedMarMerKet19
MarCAqu05:12:22 7NeutralSatMarSun48
MerPis09:59:28 8DblitedJupSatVen26
JupSco18:02:51 4FriendMarMerMer19
VenPis20:39:25 8ExaltedJupMerVen210
SatGem02:06:17 11FriendMerMarKet37
RahSco07:16:24 4EnemyMarSatMer26
KetTau07:16:24 10NeutralVenSunKet412
UraRLib18:27:26 3 ---VenRahMon412
NepRSco01:38:06 4 ---MarJupRah44
PluRLeo29:42:15 1 ---SunSunRah19
NOTE : - Waxing -Waning R-Retro S-Stationary C- Combust D-DeepCombust
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Moon Chart
Navamsa Chart
Dasamsa Chart
Trimsamsa Chart

A Brief Review

          The configuration of Leo Ascendant (Lagna) on the rise with Virgo Navamsa and Sagittarius Dreskana in the second Pad of Poorva Phalguni throws up a welcome sign, which is you won’t encounter a problem faced daily by most urban dwellers in India that of running after buses to reach the place of their work on time.

          Not for you the time consuming and irritating queue system, nor fighting your way to board public transport vehicles. You will enjoy the benefit of owning your own conveyance which should be considered a boon. And the fact that one can afford to have one’s own vehicle means one will be affluent.

          Enjoying the comfort of conveyance will be but a drop in the ocean of your wealth. Intelligent, learned and master of many arts, you will attain a good position in life. Serving just below those in top positions, you will become their favourite to gain benefits from them.

          A hard working, restless individual, you will pursue your avocation with vigour and tenacity. You will always make it a point to complete the work on hand before taking up another. And mostly you will make a success of your assignments.

          Fond of travelling, you will spend much time away from home. Yet, you will manage to squeeze in enough time to spare for your family whom you love dearly. You will do all within your power to keep them happy.

          You will have a large circle of friends whom you will treat with dignity and understanding. You will go out of your way to assist them, which will be highly appreciated. In turn, they will stand by you.

          Not only will you have good earnings from your jobs, you will also be lucky in games of chance. This doesn’t mean you try your luck in gambling regularly, but you can roll the dice once in a while which may prove beneficial.

          In spite of your substantial income, you won’t be able to save much, because you spend sizeable amounts to make sure you and your family members appear affluent before the public. You will also invest quite a bit on the upkeep of your house.

          Health will be splendid. But some caution is needed to see you are not afflicted by some diseases later. Because of your tight schedule and long hours of work, you may not be able to find enough time to soothe your nerves. This may have an effect upon your heart and the spinal column. Hence relaxation and rest, in spite of a busy schedule, are advocated.

          To mitigate the effect of any possible evil, better observe fast on all full moon days. This will help a lot.

          Your lucky days are Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Be careful on Monday and Saturday which are not favourable to you.

          The numbers which oscillate in your favour are 1, 4, 5, 6 and 9. The ones that don’t suit you are 2, 7 and 8.

          Blue, white and black are not your colours. Those ideal for you are orange, red and green.

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